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OCC News · Mar 20, 2019

One Clariant Campus Update

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to bring you the latest update on our project’s progress and interior conceptual design in this first edition of the OCC newsletter in 2019. The building shell construction of our future headquarters is making good progress, with all structural work completed before the past Chinese New Year.

The whole structure is consisted of a 10-storey office building, a 4-storey laboratory building and a one-level basement for a parking garage. The total building area is over 30,000 square meters, while the height of the building is over 53 meters. After the Chinese New Year holiday, building shell work has resumed for room partition, façade and basic installations. In the meantime, interior design has also made good progress, with conceptual office design, lab furniture plan and schematic system design for air-conditioning and lab utility completed. With the rest of the building shell and interior design and construction work to be completed this year, we expect to move into the OCC by end of 2020.

In the past few months, we were able to finalize the conceptual design for office interior. Out of the ten floors of the office building, floor 4 to 9 will be designed as office floors, where the employee seating plan will be developed later. Floor 1 and 2 are public floors, housing a reception lobby, in addition to a conference hall with capacity of more than 200, a cafeteria for snack and sandwiches, and mezzanine for show area. The third floor is social floor with multiple purposes, where employee could organize team lunch, enjoy terrace café, relax in the outdoor garden, do yoga or exercise on treadmill. The conference center on the 10th floor could accommodate different sizes of conferences, as well as organizing business meals in both Chinese and Western styles.

In the lab building, there are 4 units on each floor. Two units on the ground floor are designed for utility distribution and a centralized logistics center. Other 14 units are assigned to different BUs and GTI for various applications and research. The lab units are located along with façade and office area next to them. The transparent material and skylight design of the building roof will bring daylight to the lab and office area. In the middle of the lab building, there are two staircases connecting from 2nd up to 4th floors. Such design could enable team collaboration horizontally and vertically, while bringing up the inspiration across the building. A set of interior design is available on the OCC micro-site for your detailed reference.

In the next stage, we will develop office space plan and detailed lab design together with our employees, lab users and consultants. By the middle of 2019, the design work will be substantially completed, making it ready for permit application. Stay tuned to our next edition of OCC newsletter for Q2’2019 to find out more.

Fu Cai Wang
Dieter Dambmann
China President .    Project Director OCC

 Interior Design Concept

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